About Vanja

“Soul, how do you see that?”

During her studies, Vanja got terribly sick (1987). Doctors didn’t have a cure for her illness so she had to turn to “The path less often taken-Alternative medicine”

Actively trying to cure herself, Vanja had the chance to study under some of the biggest names of the 20th century, when it comes to alternative medicine: i.e.: Avelin, Michio Kushi (USA), Steve and Karin Akuf (Sweden), Zlatko and Jadranka Pejic (Croatia) (macrobiotic dieting and philosophy), Flavio Zanata (personal secretary of George Oshaw), Shizuko Jamamoto (Shi tzu massages), Bill Spear (Tibetan book of the dead and Feng Shui), Lino Stancic (Art of chewed food), Tim Ohlund ( The traditional ways of fermenting food in the Far East- miso, shoy, umeboshi, tempeh, tamari), Dr Marko Pogacnik (Emotinal beings of Earth and healing Earth), Dr Mladen Kostic (Geshalt psychology), Bert Helinger, Marta Mratinkovic, Lidija Hrstic (Clearing), Philis Crystal (Study of breaking up open relationships), Zoran Gruicic (Individualization of consciousness through medicine), Natalie Fesik (Medicine by the teachings of Georgi Gravoboj), Isidora Milosevic(Tai Chi-Chuan and Chi-Kong)…

"Become a lighthouse and shine a path for others!"

In 1989, she managed to heal herself and began with work on the “Center for wholesome development of man” which she runs today. She worked for the organization Natura- vita ecological project of organic agricultural wares as part of the Zadruzni savez Srbije (1989). Year 1990 She wrote and edited for “Practical woman” column connected to alternate ways of healing. She is the writer of the book “ ABSOLUTE HEALTH IMOPLEX” (1996). Representing BIO-FAH at the world ecological fair for bioproducts in Germany (1996). Former professional coworker on one of the biggest sites about alternative medicine CUREZONE- where her advice and stories had tens of thousands of views. (2008) Vanja is an expert in the domain of natural medicine with thirty years of experience in practice. Through working on herself, she has helped many via various seminars, group, and individual lectures. Her insight kept expanding until it reached its point today.

Vanja is a certified engineer of natural sciences in Belgrade, a wife and a mother of three.



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