“Close your eyes, then on your own canvas, in your head mix gold and gray…” says Bajaga in one of his songs, while also giving an answer to our question “How do I meditate?”

People meditate daily, but aren’t even aware of it. When we get home from work, exhausted, we sit down in our favorite chair and flip through TV channels. At that moment we clear our consciousness and subconscious of the mass of unneeded events which plague our everyday lives. This is also a way to meditate.

Sitting on the shore of a sea or river, while watching the water flow and the waves crash into each other, is also meditation. Looking at green objects, reading a book, writing, cooking, drawing, painting, gardening… all of these are ways of meditation.

What’s the difference between the formerly mentioned ways of meditation and the technique which moves the mind so much that it forces healing, a good job opportunity, passing an exam, finding a life partner, making money with ease…?

The first ones are unnoticeable, without a goal, meaning without real rewards. They are ways to relax and clear stress, unneeded information and emotions. Something similar happens during our sleep.

Others are clearly defined, with a purpose, as if they were an operation. Today, these techniques are so well perfected, gentle, easy to grasp that children and adults alike can perform them.

When do we require meditation?

When we come face to face with a certain problem/challenge in our lives which we are incapable of solving with our current state of mind.

How do we know that we are incapable of solving something on our own?

We tried to find our way out be we see that we are stuck in a “never-ending” cycle. The situation repeats itself. It reminds us of an electron which keeps moving in a single path. To pass to the next level it needs a single photon of light. For mankind, that small photon is insight.

Insight is never on the same level as the problem. We come to the solution by raising elevating our level of consciousness – existence. How? By meditating.

“He who stands even for the smallest amount of time on a hill, sees more than he who stands under the hill.” (P.P.Njegos)

Can we do it alone?

Yes we can, but only when we learn the technique from a professional. As for everything in life, we need knowledge and tools.

By solving our current problems – challenges, by meditating, with guidance, we learn how to help ourselves in the future, which is the end goal.

Why do we need support?

To absorb the technique and stay in the meditative state for the longest time, since our mind tends to wander from topic to topic, which in meditation is called a monkey mind.

During my experience I have noticed that there are meditations which have the goal of:

  • Cleansing piled up emotions
  • Relaxation of the body
  • Breaking of sick and toxic relationships – clearing and managing our familiar, friendly, professional, social and emotional communications, HORIZONTALS.
  • Breaking of sick and toxic parts of our souls, emotions, stresses, passions, addictions, VERTICALS
  • Building some new “worlds” – parallel realities
  • Meditations which protect and serve our energy fields, those of our families, friends, jobs… which are all very neatly connected with prayers.

Meditations are a part of the world of imagination and creativity and here is advice about meditation:

If you are under a lot of stress, lie down in bed and breathe in and out a few times. It is useful to meditate before sleep. Imagine you are lying on your back on a sandy beach with your head turned towards the water, so that small waves gently caress your head, pass through the sand then go towards your neck, back, hips, back of your calves, all the way to your heels. The waves then retreat into the see, from your legs, to your saddle region, then the back and hair, washing away anything heavy, stressful, toxic. Every new wave brings peace, ease, stability and happiness into our world and take away more and more unwanted elements.

If you fall asleep using meditation, it means you managed to relax.


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