One day, a woman, who was a neighbor of a good friend of mine, turned to me for help. They lived right next door to one another. Her one year old son got a watery cyst in his left hip. The child had a hard time moving and the cyst grew very fast. The doctors recommended puncture and operation if bad came to worse. My friend advised her to see me, as I might be able to help her baby from an alternative point of view. The woman was visibly scared and severely skeptical about alternative medicine. I saw in her a large amount resistance, especially in the regions of her shoulders, hands and spinal column. She looked very uncommunicative (cold, stiff, strict). She didn’t seem as a mother of a one year old. I couldn’t feel any motherly heat exhuming from her torso, as I can with other mothers of young children. She was a highly educated intellectual with clearly defined ideals. Not flexible and rugged. The baby’s problem was in its left hip, which pointed towards the mother. Traditionally the left side is female and refers to the genetics and energy of a woman’s field (mother, sister, grandmother, girlfriend, wife, daughter…), while on the other hand the right side is connected to the male field, energy, genetics (father, brother, grandfather, boyfriend, husband, son…)

Until their seventh year, children stay in the aura of their parents (in terms on quantum physics, their magnetic field). The problem with small children, is not in them as they are a reflection of their parents. Every sick child is only an extension of the suffering of their parents and the surroundings in which they were born. These are usually unconscious programs of emotional troubles which are bothering the parents who are feeding their children. This is all done out of a greater love, which is limited to parents and their children.

The terms individual as well as collective unawareness was introduced into psychology by Karl Gustav Jung (1875-1941). From within the collective unawareness comes the family unawareness.

The program of family unawareness was studied by Leopold Szondi (1893-1986) between the two World Wars. He did a major study of about 500 family trees and came to the unbelievable conclusion that the fates of family members continually repeat throughout the generations.

After the Second World War Bert Helinger (1925- ) created the psychological method of curing on the basis of an old technique he saw in a primitive African tribe and Szhondi’s psychology of family unawareness. The technique is called The Framework of Love. It is very popular in today’s world and is very healthy. From 1997 I was an active member of one of the first groups that handled this therapy in Serbia. One of the most fascinating messages which I gathered from the therapy is that children use loyalty and love to shield their parents who are in trouble, and in this say to themselves:

“Dearest mother, better me than you”

“Dearest father, better me than you”

By doing this children take on the burden of their parents which in turn leads to major disease and death.

I could see that the child of my guest was all right, that the mother was the problem. Using a homeopathic analysis and came to the medicine Rxus-tox, which is a remedy for different problems of the muscular-skeletal system. I could already see that my sweet little patient was a “king” and that he wasn’t subject to any abuse. His health picture was Rxus-tox which was only a trap. The mother was full of information hinting at that being the reason for her being so cramped up. So, she was delusional about abuse. Of course I couldn’t tell her that, because I would trigger her defensive mechanisms which would cause her to be afraid and diverge my goal of helping the child.

Professor Ivan Nastovic had a beautiful sentence:” Insight is a poison which should be administered slowly and in small doses.” I kept my insight into the informational transfer from mother to child to myself, as well as the abuse information. I decided to give her a vibrational cure without much explaining.

I gave her a liquid vibration, three drops under her tongue, in the morning and at night before sleep, for the next seven days.

I told her that the child would receive the vibrations from her.

Since I didn’t give the child anything, she was visibly upset. She was shocked that she had to drink something which she thought was “ordinary water”. She came for the child but the child didn’t get any therapy. The whole thing seemed totally stupid and gullible to her. She left mad, without so much as a thanks. My only thought was:” God, help her, to see the therapy through, without giving up.”

I had faith in my friend, her neighbor, to who I proved that homeopathy was real and effective. I believed that she would help her in this way of recovery.

Everything seemed very unusual.

After a week, I got a call from the child’s mother, greeted by a much warmer voice.

She told me the good news, that she went to the doctor with her child and that the cyst was gone.

The cyst had disappeared.

The child could walk normally, without a limp. The mother asked:” What do we do now”, with which I could see that she had loosened up and that the cure had done its job.

They came for a dose of calcharea carbonica, homeopathy medicine used to protect and strengthen week and feeble energies of children. It is most notable used on babies. The boy was a typical calcharea.
An immunologically strong baby, round, soft, sensitive. A typical baby.


As its name implies homeopathy means fighting fire with fire. Which means that vibrations of illnesses must be balanced out by the vibrations of the cure. This leads to an interference of waves which cancel each other out. This is how the sickness disappears. If we judge a cure well, we can swiftly return the system to its norm. The child gave of a wave length of health and constitution fitting the Calcarea carbonika medicine.

Calcarea is made from oysters. As an oyster guards its soft interior from wounds, so does the medicine guard the child from the outside.

People who have Rhus-toxikodenron get an illusion which makes them think that they are being subject to abuse even in their own home and that it is not a safe, comfortable place. These patients feel poisoned by the situation, as did my patient. I never talked openly to her, but I could notice that the relationship between her and her husband wasn’t the healthiest. There was some poison in there, which she created and fed her child with. Sometimes it’s an illusion caused by a less than ready woman, coming from a comfortable home, married off to an equally inexperienced man caught in the trap of marriage.

Rhus-tox and Calc are two complementary medicines. They complete each other.

Taking this medicine, she cleansed herself of her poisons and rigid stature. By doing so she cleansed her child as well, so the cyst disappeared as well.

My role was to lessen the burden of motherhood on this thirty year old businesswoman.

Last year I went to visit my friend, and at one moment a boy appeared in front of me, about five years old. I could see in his eyes that he wanted to act as if he was blocking my path to which I played along. He was a sweet child. I could hear his grandfather call out to him, reprimanding him for going outside the gate, to which he answered with:” Don’t worry grandpa, I came out to see a fairy!” After this he turned around and ran back to his yard.

My soul became thankful towards the grace of God’s gifts.

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