The immune system can suffer damage from one’s lifestyle which is called ENERGETICS or VITALITY. It’s what a person does daily in their life which can cause positive and negative changes:

  • Their nutrition
  • Workouts
  • Sleep schedule
  • Their relation to life and its meanings
  • What makes us happy
  • What we enjoy
  • How capable we are to see everything positive, creative and inspiring
  • What makes us joyful
  • How you find inner peace and not wait for outside influences

In one word, what we think, what we emotionally go through and what we focus on in every moment. This is where the programs and strings of code, which we inherited (as a collective or unconsciously as a family), come out to the surface, the so-called parental tracks. They are most of our incapabilities and expectations, our so-called child tracks which are in us all, collectively and individually.

It is scientifically known that that which we give MEANING, or so-called ENERGETICS have deep influences on GENETICS. Our VITAL ENERGY impacts our ESSENTIAL energy.

Genetics are hereditary, but Damocles sword, which sentences us to lifelong suffering, isn’t. Genetics only warns us that some of our organs or system of organs is more gentle than others and as adults, we should take that into account and pay attention to that daily.

Hippocrates once said that disease is a chain of small sins which we have committed upon nature, which using analogy can say that to get back to a healthy state we must do a series of small good deeds to give back to nature.

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