Homeopathy is a way of healing which has been in use for thousands of years.
It bases itself on humans being beings of energy.
As a container of energy, our bodies possess a certain frequency and wavelength of its own vibrations.
When we’re healthy these frequencies are between the minimum and maximum, on a steady line. Our amplitude is lower, the frequency is more stable and we move in the boundaries of “normality”. That is health.

When we are sick we vibrate on higher and lower frequencies, going around the norm, so that we lose energy and are at a deficit.

The frequent changes in wavelength, which we call disease, is at the top of our energy lake which some call KI, CHI, PRANA, VITAL FORCE; IMMUNE SYSTEM….

The name homeopathy comes from the Greek words homeo which means self and pathy which means healing. In homeopathy, one uses the ENERGY of minerals, plants, animals, parasites, chemicals and artificial goods.

Every one of these energies is very specific and fits a clear part of a much larger picture representing a cure for a specific person regardless of if the sickness is emotional, spiritual or physical.

It takes skill to define which cure is needed, whereas everything else is rather simple.

The medicine i.e. vibrations are put on a holder.

The holder can be a small sphere of water which can hold information on its surface which is transmitted via the machine which creates these vibrations. The chances of it working and how much it should be used, is highly dependent on what the sickness is and on the vital energy of the patient which is given by the homeopath.

The medicine is taken by putting it under your tongue because that is the place closest to the receptors which will take the cure to the vital force- taking the vibration to all of our cells which are in need of that certain vibration.

The healing process begins when the needed information- the vibration of the homeopathic medicine matches the wavelength of the sickness. The waves start to cancel each other out. The patient’s energy calms down and goes back to “normal”, the lake energy lake calms down and enters a calmer phase. The “storm” has passed. The vital energy fills all the energetic holes left by the sickness all over the body, soul, cells…

We heal.

Homeopathy as a natural medicine has no unwanted side-effects and isn’t harmful to your health.

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