For 30 years I’ve been investigating many technics of traditional medicine, from the Far East to the modern West, all the way to the cradle of the civilisation. My own researches led me to a knowledge which enabled me first to help myself, after that I could help my family, my friends, and, at last, people who were coming for help. Now I will try to present that knowledge to you.

Today, the human race faces an enormous task: it has to reconcile two very strong beliefs:

First, a human being is looked at as a machine (Newtonian physics of the 17. century). What does it mean? Like in any other machine, when some part stops working, it gets removed, or, in the best case, it gets replaced with a new one. Such a belief is very close to the belief that our life is a linear function of the time and space, and that it is a sequence of strictly predetermined  events which are like points on a line we are going on from our birth till death. Further, it leads us to the conviction that everything is happening to us only once and never again, and it makes us assume that if we aren’t ready, we will miss something very important in our life. This implies that everything which comes to us in our lives needs to be taken without hesitation. In such a matrix, from the very begining a human being is a victim, a looser, and inevitably has to develop very low vibrations of consciousness, i.e. emotions of fear, jealousy, hate, anger, guilt… So we often hear phrases like: „Only now, and never again“, „Take everything life offers to you“… Those are the views which changes humans into creatures of low moral quality, creatures prone to fraud, coruption, amorality, disdainfulness, grid… These qualities are characteristic for some lower life forms which today we can see in the zoo’s cages, under a lock, or in the faraway measureless highlands, jungles, savanas…in any case far away from what we call civilisation. ,

The second belief comes from the nature itself, and is confirmed in modern quantum physics, which claims that matter is both a particle and a wave, which means that matter moves along circular paths, i.e. life should not be presented as a straight line, but in the form of a wave – it moves circulatory, in the form of a spiral. By that, a human beeing is freed from terrible burden also known as TIME, so we begin to understand that the ups and downs are predetermined by the nature of matter itself. A wave also has its highs and lows, it’s maximum and minimum. We have an amplitude, in other words the height of the wave, and also the frequency, the repetition in time. Knowing that, we figure out that life isn’t a scary place for us, that nothing is catastrophic, every fall will undoubtedly bring us to a new rise, every opportunity will repeatedly come to us, but in the meantime we will adapt to it, in other words, we will be ready to „surf“ on it. We will not live with the feeling of guilt, or with the feelings of a victim, or as small children who look upon the world as a scary place, but from the view point: I’ve fallen, doesn’t matter, I’ll get up, clean my knees and try again. It is similar to learning to walk for the first time.

Such a matrix makes us free, through the insight that no matter how we are rich, strong, famous.., in the next moment we could be weak, fragile, sensitive, unsuccessful, poor, insecure, unhappy, sick… It is only for a moment, it will not last for ever. It gives us strenght and courage for those moments described by Njegos: “One must know how to catch up, fall behind, and be in a terrifying place all the same!” When we are doing well we must not get over our own heads, and when we are doing badly we must not keep our head down. In the Far East they say: extreme Yin turns into Yang, and vice versa.

All this helps us to understand that wisdom is hiding in everything, accordingly in the human nature of changes.

Today, both beliefs mentioned above have followers. If we take change to be a natural occurrence, then the best form of health is making changes in the right place at the right time, making the right choices and sailing the waves of your highest realities. There is no only one reality. In geometry, it is taught that we can draw an infinite number of real lines through a single point. At the other hand, everu line is defined by two points. It practicaly means that, until we don’t step out toward some goal in our life, we have indefinite amount of possibilities.

This is where we come to a certain concept of quantum physics called parallel universes. The life which we consciously live, i.e. we chose to live, doesn’t exclude possibilities of all other paralal lives in our subconsciousness. We can say that all the realities of our life are submerged in a „sea“ of possibilities. Paralel realities are like waves on the surface of the sea. We are „surfing“ on one wave, but there are many other waves around us. If we live our life believing in a mechanistic reality, we’ll be caught in the trap of fatalism, with the notion that life is how it is, and that nothing is able to change it, no matter what we do, and that it is better for us to do nothing in order to avoid making things worse.

A person who is aware, who knows, and have confidence that he (or she) is the creator of his own life, not a gloomy observer, will create his reality alone, able to notice the moment when the change has to be done, and he will „surf“ jumping from one wave to another, with high frequency, not letting the wave to drop its energy, to get down on low frequences. And even if an energetic drop happens, it is not regarded as a catastrophe without any exit, but as a precious insight which will, through the contrast, in the very next moment, lift him to the even higher and powerfull positions. Such a human being can be regarded as a healthy and successful one.

Another interesting word, a synonim for treating, is HEALING, i.e. putting pieces of one’s self back together into a WHOLE. VIDANJE (healing) means: looking at the matter from every standpoint to find all the missing pieces and bring them back to the SOURCE.

Meditation is a form of VIDANJE:

Meditation teaches us and gives us the tools we need to help others as well as ourselves in the process of self-healing. On the other hand, if we are ever faced with “a storm in our lives” meditation helps us to not scatter pieces of ourselves in the coridors of our memories.

Meditation is a gentle and holy road to our own selves.

It protects the EGO, doesn’t peel off layers of our souls which aren’t ment to fall apart and has very strong messages, because a picture and an authentic experience are worth more than a thousand words.

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