In 2004 Kosovo was stormed. The Albanians burned down over one hundred Serbian churches. One young man found himself in the wrong place at the wrong time and was beaten senseless. He was driven to Belgrade and after a detailed examination. He was discharged, as he had no fractures.

The beaten up young man came to my house with his older brother. A mechanic for washing machines. I instantly noticed that he was in rough shape: his face was black and blue, the capillaries in his eyes were damaged. He could barely walk and was dizzy. After a quick introduction, the mechanic apologized for coming to us with injured brother. He had driven him to the hospital that morning, thinking that they would keep him there. To his dismay, and God’s grace. They didn’t administer him, and the pair came to us.

The young man was typical, by the books in case of a person in need of a homeopathy cure, namely Arnica montana.

A decade later after the incident, I received a book as a cure called “Emotional healing with homeopathy” by Peter Chapel. As well as “The spirit of homeopathy” and “The soul of medicine” written by doctor Shankara, which got me into the philosophy of homeopathy. While researching I continued buying every new book, which in that time, was published by the publishing house And white. It became my hobby and all of my free time sins 1997. was devoted to studying the mystical world of vibrations found in minerals, plants, animals, nosodes, miasma…

Homeopathy isn’t a way of curing a disease. It’s a life philosophy, a science, quantum physics, a science about the layers of the human soul and consciousness. This world is revealed to man in levels, one at a time. Just like in geology.

I am by profession, a geologist, and so were my parents. My whole life I have been pointed towards interpreting natural occurrences above and below ground through the eyes of that wonderful science. I was entranced by the world of minerals, and their influence on human beings. Since birth, I’ve lived in a house full of minerals. I would join my parents when they went into mines to see that wonderful underground world. Reading the cores of geological bores and making vertical profiles of the Earth’s core is methodologically speaking the same as making a profile of energy levels of a man’s soul during cleansing.

Since a long time ago, which has now been proved by quantum physics. I knew that human beings and the planet Earth were one. In homeopathy, I have never worked on the symptoms of something, but I have worked on the STATE in which some people are. Today we know that time is a spiral function and not a linear one, and that it is possible to return someone full circle, back to the place of the strongest emotional scar. If we send him vibrations of the same wavelength and frequency as the vibrations of the scar, they will overlap, canceling the each other out and to the cancelation of the suffering, disease. Via vibrations we can smoothen out any impurities in the energy body of the patient which is, on a larger scale is presented as healing. Cells change the vibration, losing all of its illusion in the consciousness along with the scar and the person can forget that they ever had a problem.


Arnica montana is one of the basic medicines which should be in your household medicine cabinet, especially for people with small children. It is used in soft tissue damage, feelings of weakness and nausea produced by hits to the head. It is said to be so miraculous that it can return the soul of a comatose patient back into their body.

While the mechanic was fixing the machine, I gave the bottle of medicine to the young man with a short explanation. Arnica montana. He took it all the time, 3 drops under his tongue every 2-3 minutes. The damage had been severe, the mechanic spent almost an hour and a half fixing the machine, I worked around the house, and the young man used the drops.

At the end of the job, the mechanic entered from the kitchen into the living room. Where his brother had been waiting for him, and in awe, he noticed. ”Your face isn’t black and blue anymore, all the swelling, the discolored and damaged tissue was fixed, even your bloodshot eyes!”

The face of the beaten up young man was only yellow in places where it was brown from the injuries only which subsided during those hour and a half. The healing process went naturally. From top to bottom, and from the more to the less important organs. It went from the inside to the outside. The young man couldn’t notice how much better he was until he looked in a mirror.

He told me that his headache had gone away and that he didn’t feel any more nausea.

They went home with the bottle of the “miracle water” or so they called my cure.

In the afternoon the young man’s mother dialed me. She told me, while crying, some wonderful new. “All of his swelling and injuries had subsided completely”. She said that she couldn’t believe how contorted her son was from the beating he had received. But she was even more shocked now that she could see him all better.

Everything took place in 24 hours.

The healing process of this young man went so fast. It had to do with a strong immune system in the body. The cure was used quickly after the injuries.

In a natural process of healing, constitution plays a very big role as does the preemptive taking of the adequate medicine.

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