ESSENTIAL energy is everything that was passed down to us from our predecessors. Nowadays it is called GENETICS.
In the past, scientists thought that genetics can’t be changed. Today it is well known that genetic materials can be altered.
The energy needed to separate nitrogen bases of amino acids (adenosine, cytosine, guanine, and tannin) from the DNA chain is equal to the intensity of a fly flapping one of its wings. This tells us how little is needed for the chain to be broken into amino acids as well as how easily it can be REARRANGED.


We know that exposure to BACTERIA AND VIRUSES leaves deep wounds on our immune system, which in homeopathy is called miasma and in medicine, a genetic predisposition. For example due to this, if we were affected by bacteria or viruses but managed to survive them, some of those bacteria and viruses are so strong that they leave certain after effects also known as stamps on our DNA chains for up to 9 successive generations. This leaves us more vulnerable to certain diseases in the future. For example, if one of our predecessors got infected by tuberculosis, syphilis, gonorrhea, or, maybe, typhoid… This will leave their descendants with a predisposition for weakness in certain organs. Using this method tuberculosis leaves stains on tissue in general so that the next generation suffers from asthma and other breathing problems. Syphilis leaves after effects which cause damage to the nervous system as does gonorrhea, manage to create puss processes and fears of poverty etc…

DEADLY POISONS of plants (mushrooms and weeds) and animals (spiders, snakes, insects, fish)

who infected one of our ancestors but not fatally, also create a strong seal on the genetics of his successors making them vulnerable to manipulation via money, information, energy, sex etc…

HEAVY METALS AND RADIOACTIVE ELEMENTS(Mercury, lead, copper… plutonium, strontium, uranium …)

in contact with humans give genetically very heavy physical feelings as well as oversensitivity of the nervous system.


that our for-fathers consumed can cause a huge reaction our nervous systems, oversensitivity in our organs and digestive tract (Liver, spleen, pancreas, colon and small intestine)


in food, drinks and water, bring chaos to our digestion.


It has been proven that the triggers for miasma, the so-called genetic predispositions for certain diseases caused by vaccines. In modern times there are many scientific studies which talk about this theory. It is a fact that we are influenced by an epidemic of many before unknown diseases, such as allergies (I would call it out to be just an oversensitivity of the skin and mucous membrane) asthma, multiple sclerosis, nerve disorders, overweight, autism, epilepsy… This is talked about further in the text to come.


The man has wished to further better one’s health by manufacturing a large number of cures, such as penicillin, cortisone, steroids, antibiotics, antihistamines, hormones,… but in reality, he has only moved the center of the health problems to another place, for example, problems on the skin have been suppressed with medicine and moved to the mucous membrane, how many times have you heard that eczema turned into asthma or problems with common infections being treated by antibiotics ending in an overall weakening of the nervous system.

PAINFUL EMOTIONS (feelings of rage, abandonment, depression, sadness, anger, hate, wrath, bitterness, resentment)

coming from both parents can lead to heavy emotional damage to the nervous system of the baby leaving it vulnerable to autism and idiocy.

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